Inner Thames Airport


The Airports Commission today published its timetable and terms of reference for a decision on short listing The Thames Estuary as an option for New Hub Airport to be carried forward along side Heathrow and Gatwick.

September 2014

They invite interested parties to submit evidence in the following areas.

Environmental impacts

Assessment of the impacts on the Natura 2000 sites, coastal system, habitats and species affected and historical and archaeological sites, in constructing and operating a new airport and identifying whether the legal tests could be met.

Operational feasibility

Attitudes about moving to a new airport – assessment of key potential operational issues and potential mitigation, including meteorological and wildlife impacts, the SS Montgomery and relocating energy facilities; assessing airline, airport, business and industry attitudes to the decision to move operations to a new hub airport, and to then moving operations.

Socio-economic impacts

Assessment of the local, sub-national and national economic and social benefits and impacts of building a new hub airport in the inner Thames Estuary, closing down Heathrow and London City airports, and redeveloping the Heathrow site.

Surface access impacts

Assessment of the operational, cost and environmental impacts of any surface transport proposals required to support a new hub airport, as well as impacts on existing and planned local and strategic transport infrastructure.