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The CAA UK Birdstrike Committee (UKBSC) met on the 26 May 2011. The summary of their report showed:-

Strikes (all) reported in 2010 increased by 23% vs 2009 and by 53% vs 2008

Confirmed Strikes reported in 2010 increased by 10% vs 2009 and by 3% vs 2008

Near Miss reports submitted in 2010 increased by 35%vs 2009 and by 180% vs 2008 .

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To summarise, the CAA believes the increase in the overall number of strike reports is an indication of better and improved reporting. Meanwhile, the underlying number of confirmed strikes shows no substantial increase and neither do the numbers for ‘serious’ strikes (reported as MORs). The apparent increase in strikes to birds in the medium-high risk category species groups is offset by decreases with ‘unknown’ and the grouped generic species (predominantly gulls) – this is indicative of improved bird identification (which may be as a result of the CAA ‘Big-Bird’ campaign poster above). Increases in unconfirmed and near miss reports would appear to indicate better reporting, coincident with increased birdstrike reports received from pilots/aircrew.

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They record 75 High risk bird strikes since 2003. High risk are strikes by Geese Herons or Swans. On a ridge overlooking the Thames Estuary over 200 pairs of grey herons nest in the trees, with what is one of the UK’s largest and most famous colonies of little egrets, whose numbers have increased year-on-year since they first nested here in 2000, reaching an amazing 100 pairs by 2007.

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MH (NE) informed the meeting that they had recorded a 50% increase in returns for 2010 but that this still only equated to approximately 15 aerodromes, meaning there are aerodromes who hold a General Licence which are not submitting annual returns to NE, thus breaking the law.

The Next meeting of the UK Birdstrike Committee is 24th May 2012 at Birmingham Airport.

Nick Yearwood briefed Members on the next International Birdstrike Committee meeting which will take place in Stavanger (Norway) in June 2012. Further detail can be found on the IBSC website, 

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Down load full report of Bird strike committee


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