Do we need another airport

Seemingly Government and the City would have us believe that we are loosing out because our captains of industry can’t hop on a plane to China or some far off market and that building an airport in the Thames Estuary would over night solve our economic problems.

In reality, this is a myth.  The UK is not in recession due to any lack of runways or airport space. The UK has plenty of airport capacity and does not need an extra airport, or an extra runway. There isn’t a huge pressure of businessmen trying valiantly to get a flight to China, or India. and being  unable to find one.  Or vice versa.  Qantas has just cut one of its flights from London to Hong Kong, presumably because there wasn’t the demand to make it profitable. And Virgin has laid on some extra routes – to San Francisco and Vancover (not China or an emerging economy).

AirportWatch is an organisation which aims to oppose any expansion of aviation and airports likely to damage the human or natural environment, and to promote an aviation policy for the UK which is in full accordance with the principles of sustainable development. Read their latest update bulletin 

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