A different view

After yesterdays blow out ! anything nature could throw at us today was going to be better.

It was in fact a fantastic day which brought a whole new visual perspective of the proposed site for Lord Fosters Thames Estuary airport. We hadn’t realised just how close the Richard Montgomery was to the shore and ¬†end of the would be runways. With 1400 tons of TNT and 3500 tons of other explosives¬† on board it certainly is a real threat to safety that would need resolving before any runways were laid.

Being on a boat is a great captive opportunity to speak to the journalists about our fears of the proposals to build what might the worlds largest airport. The Greater Thames estuary is the 2nd most important wetland in the UK, it plays host to some 350,000 wintering Wildfowl and waders every year as they migrate to south to the warmer climates of west Africa and beyond. Many stay in the Estuary over winter returning home to the food rich areas of the Arctic Circle.

The Thames Estuary is well known for its visiting Brent Geese which are particularly dangerous for aircraft. The CAA birdstrike committee consider them high on the list of birds most likely to cause a fatal accident. An airport built in the Greater thames estuary would be 12 times more susceptible to bird strike than any major UK airport.

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