Campaign Poster

The First sightings of No Estuary Airport Posters were seen today the Isle of Grain.

Erected in anticipation that a Thames Estuary airport will be included in the Governments consultation on aviation expected at the end of March 2012.

If proposals go ahead the villages of Grain Stoke Allhallows St Mary Hoo and High Halstow would be demolished the remainder of the Hoo Peninsula and beyond would be become a vast urban / industrial area housing road an rail infrastructure and businesses serving the new airport.

Building a new airport of this scale would take in the region of 3 decades and would bring no immediate economic benefit. Instead residents could expect years of blight, uncertainty and disruption to every day life.

Take this opportunity to have your say now by joining the RSPB in their email campaign and send a message to George Osborne, Justine Greening and your own MP rich now

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