Say No Estuary Airport

The people of North Kent and South Essex stand shoulder to shoulder with  RSPB and a broad spectrum of MP’s Councils and Environmental groups  in saying.

Join with the Friends of North Kent Marshes 

say NO now

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The Thames Estuary & Marshes stretch from Dartford and Rainham in the west and fan outwards to Whitstable and Foulness in the East, include the Hoo Peninsula, the River Thames the River Medway, the River Swale and Isle of Sheppey.

With 5 of the UKs 84 Special Protection Areas the Thames Estuary and Marshes together make up one  of the most important wetland sites in europe and home to some 47 species of Amber listed birds.

We ask George Osborne:

Why when there is such an overwhelming  amount of scientific evidence before you are you seemingly ignorant of the fact that the Thames Estuary and Marshes are an internationally important site for wildlife that is worth protecting and celebrating for generations to come ?


2 thoughts on “Say No Estuary Airport

  1. Sample of letter to MP
    Dear John Glen,

    I am wholly opposed to the construction of an airport anywhere in the
    Thames Estuary mostly on the grounds that it would cause immense damage
    to the area’s internationally important wildlife & the wider
    The time and expense involved is not justified as the whole issue of a
    such an airport was exhaustively investigated between 2003 & 2005 when
    it was decided that such a scheme did not make sense economically or

    This ‘new’ project represents a morally obscene perpetration of
    environmental vandalism that must be stopped in its tracks before money
    is wasted on yet more ‘investigations’.
    It is in antithesis to the Government’s election pledges of a Greener
    economy & will impoverish the already diminishing quality of life for
    the British citizen.

    I ask that you raise this issue with The Secretary of State for
    Transport at the earliest opportunity.

    Yours faithfully

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