Say No Estuary Airport

The people of North Kent and South Essex stand shoulder to shoulder with  RSPB and a broad spectrum of MP’s Councils and Environmental groups  in saying.

Join with the Friends of North Kent Marshes 

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The Thames Estuary & Marshes stretch from Dartford and Rainham in the west and fan outwards to Whitstable and Foulness in the East, include the Hoo Peninsula, the River Thames the River Medway, the River Swale and Isle of Sheppey.

With 5 of the UKs 84 Special Protection Areas the Thames Estuary and Marshes together make up one  of the most important wetland sites in europe and home to some 47 species of Amber listed birds.

We ask George Osborne:

Why when there is such an overwhelming  amount of scientific evidence before you are you seemingly ignorant of the fact that the Thames Estuary and Marshes are an internationally important site for wildlife that is worth protecting and celebrating for generations to come ?


21 thoughts on “Say No Estuary Airport

  1. Sample of letter to MP
    Dear John Glen,

    I am wholly opposed to the construction of an airport anywhere in the
    Thames Estuary mostly on the grounds that it would cause immense damage
    to the area’s internationally important wildlife & the wider
    The time and expense involved is not justified as the whole issue of a
    such an airport was exhaustively investigated between 2003 & 2005 when
    it was decided that such a scheme did not make sense economically or

    This ‘new’ project represents a morally obscene perpetration of
    environmental vandalism that must be stopped in its tracks before money
    is wasted on yet more ‘investigations’.
    It is in antithesis to the Government’s election pledges of a Greener
    economy & will impoverish the already diminishing quality of life for
    the British citizen.

    I ask that you raise this issue with The Secretary of State for
    Transport at the earliest opportunity.

    Yours faithfully

  2. We probably can save ourselves, but we’re too damned lazy to try very hard……and too damned cheap, we should not be spending Billions of pounds on making the problem worse by building unnecessary airports and high speed train links, we should be spending it on integrating the solutions to the inevitable expiration of the Earth in 2050 into our way of thinking, to work towards a sustainable future and to live in harmony with the Earth. By 2050, we will have exhausted most of the life giving resources the Earth can provide us with. Then what? Well at least we can fly to Germany easily, or get to Birmingham 15 mins quicker! Please sign the petition, and any other petition related to the prevention of the destruction of Earth. It will happen, and it will happen in our lifetime and/or our children’s life time. Do it for them, for us, for Earth.

  3. We need to make the airports we have better cleaner and more efficient. It is not good enough for Norman Foster to say we need to think of our children and then propose wiping out the environment that they will depend on. The Thames Estuary has enormous potential as a retreat, if it is turned into transport infrastructure there is little left for any of us Londoners to enjoy or Estuary residents to call home. I vote for a transit camp for birds and not a transit camp superstore where delays mean more retail sales and flying means bird-strike with all of its attendant risks to human life. (I’d like to sign the petition, but do not see it.)

  4. I am horrified at this proposal and live in daily anxiety at what the Government will think of next. I am past my alloted time-span and have paid taxes all my working life. I love birds and the special joy and wonder they bring to our life. If we allow the Govt. to ride roughshod over the beauty of wildlife in the name of ‘progress’ & ‘economy’ we have failed in our duty as human beings to ensure a future for life, the universe & eveything.

  5. This is a completely stupid idea with no real merit and some huge disadvantages. I would not feel at all safe flying into or, out off any airport so situated.
    The only saving grace is that this idea has been around for ages; Think Maplin in the early 70′s as part of the ‘Forsyte Saga’ and all the others since.
    They all failed.

  6. For heavens sake give wildlife a chance and try to live up to your election promises just once.
    I remember David Cameron, “This will be the greenest government ever.”
    What shade of green is this Cameron?

  7. Just when we thought that the Cliffe airport proposals were safely nailed into their coffin, Lord Foster, Boris Johnson & David Cameron go and dig them up again! In the words of the Iron Duke “We’ll just have to throw them back in the same old way” So this means mobilising oposition from the membership of the RSPB, the Wildlife Trusts, the WWT, the WWF, the Ornithological Societies, CPRE , the NationalTrust etc. Together, this adds up to a lot of people – and they all vote. And the County Councillors and MPs are all going to have to be prodded off their comfortable fences – with the brutal threat of de-selection, de-election and loss of perks

  8. My Wife and I moved to High Halstow 18 months ago from Birchington,Kent. What a terrible idea it is proposing to build an airport just off the Isle Grain. We love Birds and we are able to assist fighting Boris Johnsos’s idea of a new Airport.

  9. As a Bird hazard Control Officer of 20+ years at a major regional Airport I find the thought of building an airport in the North Kent Marshes ridiculous the Bird strike risks on the approaches and climb outs from the runways would be completely unacceptable in my honest opinion, this is not even considering the strike risk on takeoff and landing.

    All licensed UK aerodromes have to implement a 13km safeguarded zone (as part of obtaining an license condition from the CAA) in which any development likely to create a bird strike risk should be objected to or have conditions place upon it to prevent a bird strike risk developing, therefore why propose to build an airport in an area dominated by a massive population of birds.
    It’s clear to me the so called study carried out as mentioned in the press release really appears to have been carried out with a total lack of ornithological knowledge and based on commercial interests rather than those of air safety.

  10. Ours IS the marsh country down by the river, wherein, as the river winds twenty miles of the sea
    We will fight any attempt to destroy our communities, our cultural heritage and our globally important wildlife sites with the utmost vigour!
    NO estuary airport!

  11. Please do not continue with this mad airport plan. The cost to the taxpayer of the airport itself, and even worse the road structure to support it, is monstrous. To add to that the Thames Estuary is not where businesses want an airport. They want provision in the West of London which is where the main life of the capital is. More important than all of that however is the destruction of a bird habitat of world importance. And which pilot wants his/her engines clogged with birds, I’d like to know? In whose interest is this crazy scheme?

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