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11 thoughts on “Say No Now!

  1. The Whole Country should be Absolutely Outraged by this
    Destructive Plan

    It is a Waste of the Environment and Billions of Pounds Sterling

    We Need Green Space Preserved Not Concreted Over

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  6. On old African proverb: If you want to go quickly, go alone, If you want to go far, go together.
    We probably can save ourselves, but we’re too damned lazy to try very hard……and too damned cheap, we should not be spending Billions of pounds on making the problem worse by building unnecessary airports (one of the carbon footprints) and high speed train links, we should be spending it on integrating the solutions to the inevitable expiration of the Earth in 2050, into our way of thinking, to work towards a sustainable future and to live in harmony with the Earth. By 2050, we will have exhausted most of the life giving resources the Earth can provide us with. Then what? Well at least we can fly to Germany easily, or get to Birmingham 15 mins quicker!
    This is not the time to worry about competing transport facilities, It is a time to compete in who is doing the most to save planet Earth.
    Please sign the petition, and any other petition related to the prevention of the destruction of Earth. It will happen, and it will happen in our lifetime and/or our children’s life time. Do it for them, for us, for Earth.

  7. Personally, I believe that (quite apart from, and indeed on top of, all the environmental considerations) the basic concept of a single all-singing, all-dancing and all-expensive “hub” airport is nowadays the wrong approach to take anyway.

    I have provided succinct but (I believe) sound reasoning in favour of a distributed approach, using only existing airports and related facilities, on my own ‘blog here:

  8. There have been plans to build an airport on North Kent Marshes since Imperial Airways flew Short’s Flying Boats. There are more reasons now not to build than in 1930′s namely:
    There continuation of the urban sprawl into the countryside is unacceptable.
    The potential consequences of bird strike look at the landing of an Airbus A320 on the Hudson River in January 2009.
    The airport would be on the wrong side of London so how to transport passengers. The rail & road systems are clogged and any attempt at relieving the traffic is short lived both in Kent & Essex.
    The future of oil is uncertain as indicated by the current record prices and it follows there must be a question mark over the demand for air travel.
    Make better use of current regional airports, improve the travel infrastructure ie HS2.
    Support Friends of the North Kent Marshes and protect the from Mayor Johnson & Lord Foster
    Keep the marshes rural forever!

  9. As usual you can rely on the support of Cliffe and Cliffe Woods Parish Council (and DCPS). Just wish they would leave us alone to get on with what is more realistic and practical for our local environment and residents (human and others)

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  11. I’m horrified by these Thames Estuary Airport plans. It was proved years ago that this was the worst of bad idea’s, but yet here they are again trying to kick start this shocking plan. I am currently in the process of buying a house in Cliffe and am horrified by these plans. We must all get loud and angry. The North Kent Marshes are an oasis in what is becomming an urban nightmare nearby, they must be protected, both for the wildlife and the local people. I’m infuriated that this can even be considered on a RAMSAR site! Does European Legislation mean nothing anymore? Where are Europe in this? To call this plan an ‘Act of Environmental Vandalism’ is an understatement. When are the government going to start moving towards environmental protection and sustainability? Andrea

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