Grain Coastal Park


What it means to you, and your children.

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Over the past 18 months the Isle of Grain Parish Council has been in partnership with The Kent Wild Trust, and the Medway Council, to establish the previously run down foreshore, into  a definitive Coastal Park, and now most of that work has been completed.

This would not have been possible without the help of the children of this village, of the GRAIN YOUTH CLUB ,the Parish Council members, our Medway Ward Councillor Tony Watson, and many others from time to time. These, and the small number of dedicated volunteers, led by the Kent Wildlife Trust, all got their hands dirty, to create the new look for the parkland.

At the Parish Councils members instigation, plans were made for four new public footpaths and bridleways, including a new footpath, cut through the woodland.   Public Notices as to their definitive routes are now displayed on the Park Notice Board Car Park. The names of the Footpaths, chosen by Children of the Youth Club will be on the signposts, for evermore.

They chose a delightful list of names, and those were, BARNACLE PATH,   FOXGLOVE PATH, CUCKOO PATH and PUMA PATH.

The Council is also planning at least three more footpaths during the next financial year, including another longer one in the Woodland.  There are often difficulties in doing this, but slowly, Councillors are progressing towards their target, including the possibility of a new coastal footpath, starting in West lane and leading to Allhallows.

Up to now, on the Island, no new footpaths have been added to the Ordnance Map, during the lifetime of anyone living now.  This has all been achieved by a dedicated few, in a very short time.

Selective mowing has opened up the way. We are now finding, rare species of wildflowers, not seen for fifty years or so, growing in the cleared patches.

Some are not found anywhere else on the Peninsula.

The mowing programme includes butterfly runs and that has encouraged the return of more butterflies.

Wildlife in general is on the increase, and we plan to build a permanent nest, for solitary bees, which are so important, to the fertilization of wild plants and flowers.  Some plants rely solely on one species of bee.

the deep sea.  The woodland needs more selective attention, and this, and beach cleaning tasks can be added to the list some of which might be taken on by Council Volunteers and/or the Friends of the Grain Coastal Park. The group has recently been formed, with twenty or so members  at our first meeting.

Please come and join in with help, on the third Sunday of each month starting, at 10.30am, meeting at the Pavilion on the St James Playing field .  Please contact Michael Dale 01634 270314, or Tony Watson 01634 255694 or see his community website

So please, if you love our foreshore, and the woodland, be part of it.  Bring your kids, some gloves if you have them, and join the volunteer group, once a month.

Make new friends, and keep the park a treasure for us, that it is, now and in the future.

With the Parish Council we aim, to get us known by the outside Public in general, so that a day out to the Isle of Grain, is a pleasure to be repeated time and time again.




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