HS2 and the Estuary

This week the Government gave the go ahead for a new high speed rail link between London and Birmingham with the possibility of additional extensions to Leeds and Manchester. Given all party support, the compelling logic of high speed rail and linking London with Birmingham we hope that HS2 becomes a inerrant part of a National Transport Policy delivering real results in the reductions of carbon emissions.
But!! is this announcement an indication of Government thinking on aviation expansion? Does it mean that Birmingham Airport will be extended to provide extra capacity and there will be no need to build in the Thames Estuary? Or perhaps that carbon costly internal flights to the north will be replaced by the more efficient high speed rail link?

The answer of course is that we simple don’t know. If there were to be an airport built in the Thames Estuary then it’s not inconceivable that proposals to link it with the North would soon follow!! Calls for an extension of HS2 have already been made from Boris Johnson.
One thing is certain we must continue to campaign for a clear Government statement on aviation expansion saying NO ESTUARY AIRPORT.

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