Stepping up for conservation and community

In a few weeks you may be asked by Government to contribute to Consultation looking into the future of aviation for the UK. You may be told that the UK is losing out to its competitors because it doesn’t have sufficient capacity to cope with the every increasing demand for air travel or to fly China or Brazil or to some other emerging economy. You may also be told that building a new airport will bring  Prosperity, Jobs and wealth to the South East of England.

You may be asked to comment about expanding  airport capacity or to make better use of the existing airport capacity. Perhaps you might think of suggesting Manston or Northholt or Farnborough.

Spare a thought for the communities surrounding other airports and ask yourself, would you want expansion if you lived there, before you suggest it would be a better place to expand or build an airport !

You may be asked if the UK needs a new airport somewhere in the Greater Thames Estuary.

The Greater Thames Estuary is one of two most important wetland sites in the whole of the UK. Lying directly under a major Northern Hemisphere migratory route it channels around 350,000 wintering wildfowl and waders south from Siberia and the Arctic Circle. The Estuary provides a vital feeding stop before they travel down the coast of Europe to West Africa and beyond to escape the winter freeze before returning home again and the end of winter to breed in the food rich arctic circle.

Many birds such as the Avocet, Heron and Little Egret live and breed in the Estuary and can be seen feeding on the mud flats around the coast line of the Hoo Peninsula and South Essex.

In 2002 the Government conducted a specific consultation about building an airport at Cliffe. The findings  were published in 2004 and concluded  the project would be too expensive and too dangerous as there was a 12 times higher likelihood of bird strike than  any other major UK airport.

The option of Cliffe as a site for an airport was no different than the options being put forward today except perhaps they have been repositioned. Then hundreds of thousands  of concerned people from across the UK and around the world stepped up for nature and this special place we call the Greater Thames Estuary and said NO

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here are some of the local People who stepped up for nature.