Cameron support ??

The day started with the news from the Telegraph that Prime Minister David Cameron would be offering support to the Boris Johnson idea of a Thames estuary airport. Despite declaring recently that he wanted to lead the “Greenest Government Ever” and that he had no intention of building a new airport in kent …. seemingly a U-turn of epic proportion !!…..

And all well timed apparently as we spent the day planning action with a range of other non political organisations and individuals – more on that soon!!!

One great advantage we have as local people is the close relations forged with the RSPB which proved invaluable a decade ago during the No Airport at Cliffe campaign. That relationship has grown and strengthened over the years and will mean that this time round we will hit the ground running if any of the Estuary options appear in the consultation to be announced early in the spring.

The day came full circle with tomorrow’s news from the Guardian that  Boris Johnson had killed off any moves towards an airport in the Thames estuary ahead of the next general election after an announcement by his office was seized on by the Liberal Democrats.

Boris Johnson was told that he had handed a gift to the Lib Dems, who are opposed to any airport expansion in the south-east, when he briefed the Daily Telegraph that Downing Street had signed up to his proposal.

The Guardian go on to report that a Whitehall source said: “Boris is not going to get it. Yes to scoping on a new airport, but he won’t get it. The way this has plopped out in the Telegraph, no doubt via Boris’s team, has given people a chance to kill it.”

A Lib Dem source said: “We are against airport expansion in the south-east. We are happy to go along with the consultation, but we have a policy which will not change.”

This undoubtedly means that the Estuary option with be in the consultation and we will have to fight it, (again) .