Beauty or the Beast

A Thames estuary airport, Kent artists illustrate the inconvenient truths.

 Alarmed by the visual propaganda generated by Foster & Partners of a Thames estuary airport, a group of nine north Kent artists (NO THAMES AIRPORT ARTISTS GROUP) have come together to cut through the spin and visualise the case against such a development.

The aim of the “Beauty or the Beast” exhibition at the Nucleus Art Gallery Chatham is to examine the issues visually, demonstrate how life changing a hub airport would be and show what we stand to lose as a community.

The show opens Friday 30 March and closes 5 April 2012.

 Through painting, posters, photography and video, the exhibition will give a snapshot of what the Thames and Medway estuary means to their communities and highlight the devastation an airport twice the size of Heathrow would have on the health and quality of life. Facts airbrushed out of the Foster & Partners visuals.

Finding the right location for a new airport hub, should we require one, is national issue, not a regional one and the aim of this show is to prevent the visual debate being hijacked by the Mayor of London and his design glitterati.

Although local opinion is in the main opposed to an airport on the North Thames marshes the war of words between local and national government has failed to enlighten many of its citizens who simply think of it as a future job opportunity.

This we believe is because there has been little to see, other than several glitzy artists impressions produced by the developers which show proposals in the best possible light.

We, the artists of Medway and North Kent, are going to visually open up the debate by holding an art exhibition, which will explore the issues and consequences for the people, wildlife and environment of North Kent.

The exhibition will take place at the Nucleus Gallery Chatham. The opening event will be

on Friday 30 March 2012. The exhibition will run until Friday 5 April.

We would welcome your support at the opening event on 30 March with the opportunity to informally discuss how we may assist in moving the debate on in visual terms.

Teresa Tanner (artist)